Queen's Jubilee


As part of our celebrations for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, each year group was given an era of the Queen’s reign to create a presentation. We were given the 80’s! We recreated Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer’s Wedding (1981) and we learnt the song Agadoo.
We made a Rocky road to enter into the Platinum Pudding Competition. Look at our star bakers!
 We ordered the Queen’s life on a timeline.
“Is that Spider-Man’s Grandma?”
”That’s the Queen.”
”She lives in London.”
”She looks friendly.”
“Wow look at her cape.”
 ”She looks beautiful.”
”What do princes and princesses have for their tea?”
”I think they like fish fingers.”
“Fish don’t have fingers, they live in the sea.”
”No like the food. Or maybe spaghetti.”