Personal, Social and Emotional Development


Personal, Social and Emotional Development is one of three prime areas of learning in the EYFS Curriuculum. At Christ Church, PSED is part of our everyday learning, where children are supported to form positive relationships, learn social skills,  manage and talk about feelings and to develop self confidence when trying new activities.
We also have a directed PSED circle time on a weekly basis, which covers a range of themes to promote a positive sense of well-being.
Our topics include;
- Me and my Relationships
- Valuing differences
- Keeping myself safe
- Looking after myself, others and my environment 
- Being my best
- Growing and changing 
The children independently selected their own fruit and chopped this to make fruit kebabs.
Independently making sandwiches.  
Exploring seeds in healthy foods that we eat.
We discussed the importance of dental hygiene and practised brushing teeth.
As part of Healthy Eating Week, we made strawberry and banana smoothies. We followed the recipe and the children chopped the fruit independently. They were fascinated to watch the fruit blend together.